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legal information

Savvylash has been awarded the patent for Registration of Design for the Savvylash Eyelash Separator in the UK. Registration of Design is pending in other countries.

Savvylash protects its Intellectual Property Rights vigorously, therefore anyone wishing to use the design of the Savvylash Eyelash Separator must seek and acquire written permission from SAVVYLASH LTD., after purchasing a license from SAVVYLASH LTD. at the company address. If the design is used without permission it will be considered as an infringement of Intellectual Property Rights and legal action will be taken against the parties involved.

Registered business address
9 King Street, Westhoughton, Bolton, BL5 3AX

Savvylash Ltd has been granted the UK patent. Patent registration and design in the UK and other countries. Savvylash Ltd is trademarked.