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Meeting the Waterloo Road Team


In September 2008 I was very fortunate to be introduced to the exceptional make-up artists working on the BBC1 Drama Waterloo Road.


This introduction was due to my daughter Elisha who at the time was acting as an extra doing background work as a pupil attending the school and she gave Janet Horsfield (make-up supervisor) a Savvylash to use. Janet loved Savvylash and invited me down to meet the rest of the team. Janet and Amanda Isaacs were in charge of the talented and creative make-up artists working on the drama.


I was really made to feel welcomed and I loved watching the artists work on the principal cast members. I asked questions, was given make-up tips along with product recommendations - my time there was inspirational.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Janet, Amanda and team for their time and for using Savvylash and .... not forgetting thanking Elisha for the initial introduction.